Headcams deter drunken violence

Abal Security wearing the headcam.

Abal Security wearing the headcam. Photo: Abal Security

An experiment fitting nightclub bouncers with headcams has been so succesful in reducing violent crime in Croydon it could now be adopted across London.

Door security at Tiger Tiger, Lloyds, Reflex and Yates began experimenting using the head-mounted video cameras five months.

Abal Security who provide the head-mounted cameras to their door security staff said their bouncers immediately noticed the impact the technology had on drunken violence. They said that the mere presence of the headcam has a huge deterrent effect.

John Calleja from Abal Security, said: “When the police get involved, one of the problems they have are conflicting statements and different allegations being made which has in the past resulted in our bouncers having their badges suspended.

But now with these cameras, they pick sound and DVD quality video and it dons the role of a professional eyewitness. This is especially important as witnesses tend not come forward and have a phobia of giving statements due to fear of repercussions.”

The headcams cost under £1000 each and record up to 12 hours directly to a portable hard drive that the bouncer has clipped to their belt. The quality of the camera also means facial recognition software can be used.

The bouncers themselves have said that the headcams have are proving extremely successful. They say the cameras provide them with security both for the public and themselves.

Due to the success of the headcams in Croydon, Abal Security will begin providing the new measure to their staff in other parts of London.

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