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Dear Readers,

It has been a diverse week for the communities along The East London Lines. As the UK has officially come out of recession this week, London boroughs are on their way to recovery. This is good news for the small and medium enterprises that dominate business in the east London boroughs, as they proved resilient during the financial tsunami that previously engulfed the financial world.

Now are your children eating too much junk food after school?  Lewisham council may offer parents a treat of their own by enforcing a ‘no fry’ zone around schools in the borough, which may ensure that your little darlings are getting their meals at home.

Women are equally standing up for their rights over their children in Peckham where a group of mothers have chosen to fight the decision to close the outstanding maternity ward that delivered their babies. Our exclusive East London Lines footage shows just how important it is for mothers to feel comfortable with those who bring their children into the world.

Holocaust Memorial Day was commemorated on Wednesday in Goldsmiths College in Lewisham. They were honoured with a visit from Dr Hajo Meyer, a survivor of the holocaust and Auschwitz.  This incredible man suggested to the audience that the Holocaust should not be used for political means in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, provoking a dramatic disruption within the room.  Nonetheless, Dr Meyer continued to communicate his distinctive message of the need for peace within humanity. We wish him all the best in spreading his heart-felt beliefs.

We hope that this week’s issues are as varied and unique as our readers and we look forward to hearing your views on our stories.

Krystina Meens


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