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Dear reader,

2010 is now in full swing and news across the East London Line this week has been refreshingly positive.

Tower Hamlets is a leading example amongst local authorities in Britain for its work in promoting equality in the work-place for lesbian, gay and bisexual people. With ‘gay-friendly’ organisations in the borough, what was once considered taboo is now accepted. The community has also been given a say on how they think their council should be spending its budget, whilst the residents of Croydon are also progressing towards a safer environment as their council campaigns for more police officers on its streets.

As the East London line is nearing completion, the Blackwall Tunnel, notorious for its morning rush-hour tailbacks, will soon undergo major refurbishment. And more positive news came as we were introduced to brand new 3D live sport at the cinema.

How is your new year’s resolution coming on? Are you fighting a losing battle with that new diet? Or perhaps you are struggling in your attempt to quit smoking? Ten-year old Megan Ward from Croydon, Britain’s youngest inventor, may well have come at the perfect time with her keyring designed to help smokers quit.

With the latest inflation figures showing a bleak outlook for the whole of London, and Lewisham expecting overwhelming support for the Labour Party, finance and politics are never too far away from our thoughts.

This time of year commonly produces post-merriment lethargy and illness. But we must overcome such obstacles and ensure that we stay…yes you guessed it, positive.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Clarke


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