Peter Brook says yes to Barbican Centre lecture

Peter Brook at the Bouffes du Nord in Paris. Photo : Pascal Victor / ArtComArt

Peter Brook at the Bouffes du Nord in Paris. Photo: Pascal Victor / ArtComArt

Prolific theatre director Peter Brook will be giving the first in a series of annual lectures named after himself at the Barbican, it was announced today.

The Director’s Guild of Great Britain decided to found the annual Peter Brook Lecture, which will be given by an important director about their craft and the industry.

Peter Brook has been Honorary President of the Director’s Guild for over twenty years and was originally asked to just put his name to the lecture series.

But Brook said he wanted to give the inaugural lecture himself.

Director’s Guild Chair Ivor Benjamin said: “We were thrilled beyond measure. This is a great honour for the Guild and a significant opportunity to promote and celebrate the craft of the director.”

Sir Richard Eyre will chair the post lecture discussion and today said: “Peter has inspired at least three generations of directors and continues to do so.

“This event is a wonderful platform for the Directors Guild to establish their annual lecture, named in Peter’s honour.”

The lecture will be held at the Barbican centre in east London at the same time that the Brook’s new production 11 and 12 is performed from the 5-27 February.

Peter Brook has been working as a theatre director for over 50 years.

He has influenced and altered the landscape of theatre through his numerous productions whilst also writing books on theatre such as The Empty Space and founding the iconic Bouffes Du Nord in Paris, which he still runs.

The Inaugural Peter Brook Lecture will be on the 6 February in the Barbican Pit at 4pm.


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