The New Year

We have entered the New Year on a cold and icy note. The past few weeks have been engulfed by snow. For some of us, the holiday season was prolonged due to the vagaries of weather. The status of professional and leisure activities were determined solely by the forecast.

While learning how to walk skillfully on ice, this week in EastLondonLines we report on the head cams being used by bouncers in Croydon for greater public security. The head mounted cameras will play the part of a professional eyewitness recording both sound and video and helping in the prevention of crime.

Food prices have increased due to supply constraints and further hikes can be expected as long as it is snowy. Economic activity has also been adversely affected by absenteeism and could result in a significant loss of productivity. This does not bode well for the public as well as the private sector.

However, the New Year has started with renewed community spirit along the East London Line with the recent development of food banks in Lewisham, Croydon and Tower Hamlets.  This project, based solely on donations, aims to provide food during crisis. Such kinds of community efforts provide the much needed warmth in these freezing temperatures.

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