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Kyra Pitter at The Fitting Studio

Kyra Pitter at The Fitting Studio

Now entering its fifth year of business, The Fitting Studio is a purple satin adorned temple for the fuller figure woman wanting lingerie that is both stylish and properly fitted.

Specialising in bra sizes 30D – 40K, The Fitting Studio in Forest Hill has developed quite a reputation as the place for women to go to begin the process of  – as owner Kyra Pitter puts it – “understanding and loving their boobs” and getting that correctly fitted cup.

She began her successful business after she found it difficult getting a bra that fitted.  But now she is boosting confidence as well as cleavage, with some clients calling the experience “life changing”.

Amazingly, Ms Pitter and her co-workers fit their clients by sight.  She says: “They put the bra on and you can just see if its right, and then you experiment.  It’s just common sense”.

As most clients learn of The Fitting Studio through word of mouth and high praise, the business has not been another casualty in the recession, even though Ms Pitter says: “People don’t buy as many but people still come in”.  After a successful 2009, it seems the store is struggling more against the wintry elements then against the economic climate.

With more than 10 brands in stock, the white doors at the entrance are being constantly knocked on by an array of other companies who want Ms Pitter to sell their products.  But, so as not to lose their sense of both efficiency and care, Ms Pitter declares: “We know what each bra can do and what they can’t”.

Clients who also come for other items, such as briefs and body shapers, often bring the clothing they wish to wear over them.  She says: “People bring their gorgeous dresses in and they want the straps as a nice add on”.  This just goes to show, people definitely trust The Fitting Studio.

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