Can Art save lives?

Art Saves Lives

Creative artwork by marginalised artists is on display at the ‘New Moons’ exhibition in Deptford.Organisers say the New Moons project at the Old Police Station  is celebrating the power of arts as a means to rehabilitation.

Art Saves Lives, which started only in November last year says it is dedicated to finding a space and a platform for ‘outsider’ artists, writers, poets and musicians, many of whom have personal issues, such as involvement with drug abuse or mental health problems.

“We believe that as soon as someone is labeled and tagged then it is marginalized. By empowering people that are excluded from society, a major step is taken to integrate them into the community,” said Dean Stalham, its director.

Tomorrow night, the exhibition will close with a party which will include poetry and jazz, live bands, DJ’s, a bar and food. Attendees may also get the opportunity to meet most of the artists and to buy their work.

The events will all be free and accessible to anybody: “We want to treat all the people the same. We give a second chance to artists that have been rejected because of their past and to people who have never had access to art before, also,” Stelham says.

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