For sale: Objects of Love putting the art into heart

All you need to know is that it's lovely. Photo: Lewisham Arthouse

With Valentine’s Day approaching the Arthouse in Lewisham has devoted an exhibition to … love.

The Objects of Love show sees wall space given over to local artists displaying works dedicated to romance. It includes photos, paintings, collages and even mechanical patents.

Visual representations of love fill the room. There are hearts fashioned from every imaginable material, Cupids soaring divinely, and a big I-Heart-U hanging on the wall. Even the picture of the British flag waving is connected to love.

All featured works are up for sale, with prices ranging from £60 to £150. Demand is expected to grow as Valentine’s Day draws nearer.

On Saturday there will be a private viewing and performance events, which include a choir and shadow-puppets, always within the Objects of Love theme.

The exhibition closes on Sunday, but visitors can still buy any object that tickles their fancy.

This year’s exhibition isn’t ArtHouse’s first ode to love. ‘‘It’s actually the second year we’ve had a Valentine’s Day exhibition,” a gallery spokesperson said. ‘’Last year we hosted Matters of the Heart, and it went really well.’’

Admission is free to The ArtHouse, which opens from Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm-6pm.

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