Is ‘Valentine’s Day’ film a turn-on for Tower Hamlets?

(From Left) Nana Wilson, Rachel Kreuder, Sophia Spantios and Emily Dujon went to see the film. Photo: Francesca Waite

This weekend, Valentine’s Day comes to cinemas across the country. It’s a celebrity-crammed “Love Actually” style romcom about love and how great it is.

It stars Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner,  Julia Roberts, Julia Roberts’ neice; Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba, and the werewolf from Twilight who’s always taking his shirt off.

The film follows several couples through their ups and downs on February 14. It has been described by critics as “a soggy love note” and “as squishy centred as a melted caramel chocolate.”

We went to West India Quay Cineworld to ask Tower Hamlets residents for their thoughts on the shmaltz.Although the film is aimed at the happy couple crowd, some of the Tower Hamsters chose to go it alone. Sue Mitchell said: “I’m going alone! I want to see it because it looks very light-hearted.” Some confessed to being reluctantly dragged along. Patricia Sinclair, who spoke for her other half, said: “He didn’t want to come, but he took me to see The Book Of Eli last week, which I hated, so I got him back”. Other couples openly admitted they chose to go of their own free volition. Bronwin, the male half of the married unit Rudi and Bronwin Van Aard, said: “I wasn’t dragged here at all! I want to see it.”

We asked whether they would recommend this film for a Valentine’s Day date, and if so, why? Jeff Shah said: “For me it was a chick flick and a little bit cheesy”. This is probably the view of all but the most lovestruck entities, who venture from their duvet-domed lust dens this weekend to actually do something other than physically unite in celebration of Cupid and his pointy little love wand.

Patricia Sinclair seemed to agree that only the most lusty of lovers will enjoy the film: “It’s more for new couples more than people who have been together for a long time like us. We were just pointing at the screen and saying ‘haha’.”

Others also predicted that the film would be a popular choice for the love-addled.Cineworld employee, Humberto Michelacci, told us how busy the reception desk had been: “It’s been busier than a usual Friday. We’ve had a lot of pre-bookings for the weekend, especially Sunday.”

Nana Wilson, Rachel Kreuder, Sophia Spantios and Emily Dujon, a gestalt female entity, spoke in unison: “We ignored all the awful reviews and went and we are really glad we did. We would recommend it for Valentine’s Day because it was really lovey-dovey, but it was good for friends too.”

Valentine’s Day is being shown nationwide, and can be seen in cinemas throughout Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham and Croydon. If it’s rubbish at least it’ll be a chance for some back row snuggling.

By Francesca Waite and Melanie Macleod

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