Amir Khan supports ‘Jab Don’t Stab’

Photo:Francesca Waite

Boxing national hero, Amir Khan visited the Double Jab gym in Forest Hill, Lewisham on Friday. The Olympian, 23, met with young people who train at the gym: slogan, ‘Jab Don’t Stab’.

Amir Khan was in the local area, working on  a new television show called ‘Justin Lee Collins: Good Times’ which was being recorded in The Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley,  so  Double Jab manager and  coach, David John, invited him over to meet the young boxers.

Mr Khan knows how important these sorts of clubs are.  He said: “This is where champions come from. These kids are the future, and they have discipline.  It’s a totally different way of thinking and boxing kept me out of trouble.”

He added how important local boxing gyms are for the 2012 Olympics: “It’s very important, especially having it in London, and all these kids should have ambition. A world champion could come out of this gym”.

Margaret McCarthey watched her 7-year-old son Mickey meet one of the country’s sporting heroes.  She said: “It’s brilliant and all our family come from boxing so it’s great.”

The grass roots club has recently received £40,000 from the Forest Hill Local Assembly to buy new equipment.   Lewisham Councillor John Russell, said: “We now have about 12 or 13 amateur boxers, and we work as a youth club, we do personal training and we do mentoring”.

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