Bejeweled in Spitalfields

The Chung-Rowe stall. Photo: Jade Impleton-Jackman

Chung-Rowe sells unique handcrafted jewellery and clothes in the heart of Old Spitalfields Market.

Jackie Chung-Rowe, 30, has sold everything from clothes and bags to scarves and jewellery on her stall for over 8 months. She studied her craft in Seoul, South Korea, before moving to London to do a Masters in Fashion Design.

The stall offers clothes and accessories but her jewellery collection is now the biggest. As she points out: “Sometimes jewellery is easier to sell because clothes have to be a certain size and style whereas jewellery doesn’t.”

The collection is particularly eye-catching and very colourful, with many pieces cut in the shape of owls, elephants and peacocks. “I was inspired by my love of nature,” says Chung-Rowe.

All of the pieces from the range are handmade and one-of-a kind. A lot of time is spent making them into the works of art that they are. Chung-Rowe says: “I tend to make around 10 of the same piece but change every single one slightly to make them unique.”

Chung-Rowe’s jewellery prices range from £8 to £25.

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