Ridley Road market to shine again

One of the most popular markets in Hackney is ready to shine again thanks to the Council's investment.

A stall at Ridley Road market. Photo: sean-b

One of the most popular markets in Hackney will be redeveloped thanks to a major council investment.

After a consultation of  local residents, shoppers and traders, carried out last year, Hackney council decided to invest £1 million into improving the popular Ridley Road market. Works will run from late April to November 2010 and the market will remain open for business during the redevelopment.

The aim of the long-term work is to improve general market conditions for consumers and traders, as well as making the space more attractive for residents and external visitors.

The council envisages transforming the market into a more welcoming, cleaner and greener environment. The redeveloped market will provide improved recycling facilities and new secure cycle racks will be installed for shoppers arriving on bike.

The major works comprise more than a hundred new stalls and new pitch layouts, widened footpaths for a better flow of costumers and resurfaced roadways in the market area. There will aslo be new pavements at St Mark’s Rise, Colvestone Crescent and Kingsland High Street entrances.

For the Ridley Road traders, there will be better lighting in the market with shared ‘power bollards’ as well as more space between each stall.

Councillor Alan Laing, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to announce the Council is investing in improving the experience shoppers and business people will have as they move around the market. These improvements will be visible and create a better environment for everyone who uses the market.”

Ridley Road market is open Monday to Thursday from 6am to 6pm and on Friday and Saturday from 6am to 7pm.