The best way to a city’s heart: through its stomach

An awful lot of food. Photo: Diliff

The East London line will soon begin zipping through boroughs renowned for their diversity. Yet those rooted in the four we cover have four things in common. In Croydon, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney, the people need oxygen, water, love, and, finally, they need FOOD.

With the latter in mind, we’ve recorded for posterity sound and images from five east London mealtimes. Some have questioned the scheme, accusing us of wanting nothing more than a nice hot meal. But they’re wrong, and we hope your eyes are enticed, your ears entertained, and your taste buds tickled.

Bon appetite (vicariously)!

Age Concern Lunchclub, Lewisham

Andy and Amy, Hackney

Nightwatch Soup Kitchen, Croydon

An International Household, Brockley

Vulpes Vulpes, Hackney


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