East London Line connects Lewisham

Joan Ruddock at New Cross Station, photo: Nikki Marra

Lewisham Deptford Labour Party candidate, Joan Ruddock, who is seeking re-election as the constituency MP, celebrated the opening of the East London Line by joining the first passengers on the official trip from New Cross to Dalston Junction.

Ms. Ruddock said: “It’s taken some years, but it is going to be extremely welcome to all the local people.”

She told East London Lines reporter Sophie Powling that former Independent and then Labour London Mayor Ken Livingstone deserves credit for kick-starting the project.

She said she had fought hard for the funding behind the rail extension and development and was delighted to see the results. Ms Ruddock emphasised that:

“The really most important factor is the economic value of the infrastructure. Having a new series of connections and new trains which are much more comfortable for people is going to add to our sense of well-being. People are going to realise that it will improve their chances to get jobs in other parts of London.”

Ms. Ruddock, a minister in the outgoing Labour government, is seeking re-election on May 6 in a poll with candidates standing from the Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, Socialist Alternative, and Christian People’s Alliance.

The first passengers included people who ran a small business in Shoreditch and live in Shadwell:

“For us this is incredibly exciting. Just in terms of bringing people down to South London and vice-versa. It’s just genius to connect both sides of the River again.”

The East London Line to New Cross and New Cross Gate has a long history dating back to the 19th century, and the extension and development of the line attracts the interest of railway enthusiasts.


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