Party launches manifesto

Respect Party election battle bus makes its way through the East End. Photo: Kieron Yates

Tower Hamlets MP George Galloway launched the Respect party’s “Hung Parliament Manifesto” earlier this week. Speaking in front of a double decker bus outside the party’s offices in east London,  Mr Galloway outlined their response in the event of an inconclusive election.

If elected  Mr Galloway stressed that the party would never work with a Conservative administration. They would, however, be willing to work with a Labour government as long as  four demands were met:

  • Investments not cuts.
  • A date to be set for the withdrawal of British troops in Afghanistan.
  • The cancellation of the Trident nuclear weapons system.
  • The democractic reform of parliament and the voting system.

Some polls place the projected gap between the Labour and Conservative Parties as close as three seats. Respect aim to secure the necessary votes needed to win those seats.

East London Lines reporter Isabel Minter was at the manifesto launch.

George Galloway is one of ten candidates standing for the parliamentary constituency of Poplar and Limehouse who include: Tim Archer for the Conservative Party, Jim Fitzpatrick for the Labour Party, Jonathan Fryer for the Liberal Democrats, Wayne Lockner for the UK Independence Party, Andrew Osborne for English Democrats- “Putting England First!”, Chris Smith for the Green Party,  Jim Thornton, Independent, Kabir Mahmoud, Independent, and Mohammed Hoque, Independent.

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