Election for executive mayor in October

Local election results at Tower Hamlets. Photo: Rosalynn Ghubril

Tower Hamlets is to have a directly elected executive Mayor with the first election for the post in October this year. Labour also held control of the council as a result of the local elections held on the same day as the General Election.

In the referendum over the Mayor issue 60,758 residents voted in favour, and 39,857 voted against with a turnout of 62.09%. The poll in October will result in the borough having its first executive Mayor similar to the structure of local government leadership and management in Lewisham.

ELL reporter Rosalynn Ghubril covered the marathon wait for the completion of all the counting of votes cast in seventeen wards for 51 councillors. Labour held onto control of the council with 38 elected representatives. The Conservatives have 11 councillors and the Liberal Democrats and Respect one each.

Full report on the outcome of Tower Hamlets’ local elections and referendum for a mayor 2010.

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