Respect lose in Limehouse & Poplar

A victorious Jim Fitzpatrick greets the press. Photo; Sarah Corke

Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick took Poplar and Limehouse with George Galloway of Respect coming third behind the Conservative candidate, Tim Archer.It will be Fitzpatrick’s fourth term. It would appear that a spirited Respect-Unity Coalition campaign was squeezed in a four horse race with Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Respect also lost out in Bethnal Green with the Labour candidate Rushanara Ali being elected as the MP. Respect’s vote fell there by 20 per cent.

Poplar & Limehouse declaration: Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour: 18,679; Tim Archer, Conservative: 12,649; George Galloway, Respect-Unity Coalition: 8,160; Jonathan Fryer, Liberal Democrat: 5,209; Wayne Lochner, UK Independence Party: 565; Andrew Osborne, English Democrats: 470; Chris Smith, Green: 449; Kabir Mahmud, Independent: 293; Mohammed Hoque, Independent: 167; Jim Thornton, Independent: 59.

Rushanara Ali becomes MP for Behtnal Green and Bow.  Photo: Sarah Corke

Rushanara Ali becomes MP for Bethnal Green and Bow. Photo: Sarah Corke

The highly competitive campaigning led to a significant increase in the turn-out; up 12.2 per cent. This is a reflection of one of the most lively election fights in London during the 2010 General Election. George Galloway was a British MP with a global reputation and his high public profile is expected to continue through his broadcasting and media activities.

Bethnal Green & Bow declaration: Rushanara Ali, Labour: 21,784; Ajmal Masroor, Liberal Democrat: 10,210; Abjol Miah, Respect-Unity Coalition: 8,532; Zakir Khan, Conservative: 7,071; Jeffrey Marshall, British National Party: 1,405; Farid Bahkt, Green: 856; Patrick Brooks, Independent: 277; Alexander van Terheyden, Pirate Party UK: 213; Hasib Hikmat, United Voice: 209; Haji Choudhury, Independent: 100; Ahmed Malik, Independent: 71.

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