Joan Ruddock re-elected in Lewisham Deptford

Joan Ruddock has been re-elected in the constituency of Lewisham Deptford despite a swing of 3.6 per cent to the Liberal Democrats. A minister in the outgoing Labour government, Ms Ruddock had 53.7 per cent of the share of vote.  There was a substantial increase in elector turnout. 10.6 per cent more voters decided to take part. When polling stations were overwhelmed by late queues close to the 10 pm deadline, some remained open for up to half an hour after staff widened the station’s precincts to include the queues and distribute voting slips.

Lewisham Deptford election results

Joan Ruddock, Labour: 22,132; Tam Langley, Liberal Democrat: 9,633;   Gemma Townsend, Conservative: 5,551; Darren Johnson, Green: 2,772; Ian Page, Socialist Alternative: 645; Malcolm Martin, Christian Peoples Alliance: 487.

The constituency had seen a lively campaign with sometimes bitter exchanges between the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates over the issue of the invasion of Iraq. Ms Ruddock’s voting share had been reduced by only 1.7% compared to a much larger national swing against Labour.

Labour held the two other Lewisham constituencies.

Lewisham East election results

Heidi Alexander, Labour: 17,966; Pete Pattison, Liberal Democrat: 11,750; Jonathan Clamp, Conservative: 9,850; Roderick Reed, UK Independence Party: 771; Priscilla Cotterell, Green Party: 624; James Rose, English Democrat: 426; George Hallam, Community Need Before Private Greed: 332

Turnout was down by half a percent. However, in Lewisham West & Penge nearly 8 per cent more voters took part and elected the Labour candidate Jim Dowd who gained 41.1 per cent of the poll and a majority of just under 6,000.

Lewisham West and Penge results

Jim Dowd, Labour: 18,501; Alex Feakes, Liberal Democrat: 12,673; Chris Phillips, Conservative: 11,489; Peter Staveley, UK Independent Party: 1,117; Romayne Phoenix, Green: 931; Stephen Hammond, Christian Peoples Alliance: 317.

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