Remembering Jimmy Mizen

Prince Charles greets the Mizen family. Photo: Tine Hvidsten

On Monday His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales attended a peace service in Westminster Cathedral, honouring the second anniversary of the murder of teenager Jimmy Mizen. Mizen was sixteen when he was killed after another teeenager threw a glass tray at him in a south- east London bakery in May 2008.

The service was organised by the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, which was set up by the Mizen family following their son’s tragic death. The main aims of the Foundation are to provide young people with opportunities such as work placements, apprenticeships and volunteer work to promote responsible attitudes and community participation. The service was also attended by the families of several other young victims of violent crime.

Jimmy Mizen’s parents, Barry and Margaret Mizen, are active in campaigning against violent crime. They hold talks  about the potentially fatal consequences of uncontrolled anger, revenge and the use of weapons of any kind, in schools, prisons and young offenders institutions across the country .

Jimmy Mizen Foundation bus Photo: Tine Hvidsten

The foundation has also funded three minibuses (Jimmy buses, pictured), two of which are being used by local scouting organisations and one has recently been made available for charitable use through the Lewisham Community Transport Scheme.

As reported by East London Lines, the foundation also initiated the CitySafe scheme as well as working with the Kids Task Force, which aims to educate young people about how to stay safe in their local areas.

Sarah Corke spoke to some of the attendees at Monday’s service:

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