Rail link to Croydon: £1 billion upgrade completed this weekend

Aerial view of the new East London Line at Shoreditch High Street. Photo: John Sturrock

The East London Line makes its first passenger connection to Crystal Palace and West Croydon this Sunday 23 May in an historic development for London’s rail infrastructure.

Transport for London have announced that ten thousand free tickets will be given away to mark the first full service on London Overground’s East London route from Dalston Junction to the borough of Croydon via New Cross Gate. 33 million passengers are expected to use the line in its first year.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, said:

“I’m thrilled for every community situated along the route of this incredible stretch of track with its phenomenal new trains and stations. Its Tube-style service will make getting around the Capital massively easier and bring jobs and opportunities along the length of the line.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Photo: Transport for London

Boris Johnson warned that this kind of investment is vital to London’s future economy and must be respected and appreciated by the new coalition Tory/Lib Dem government:

“This £1 billion upgrade is the perfect example of the sort of investment in infrastructure that must be protected by the new Government if London is to maintain its role as a leading world city.”

Community and Arts events to celebrate launch

The completion of the line between Dalston to Croydon will be marked by a series of arts and community events. There will be an array of entertainers celebrating the occasion along the route:  African drummers, hula-hoopers, dancers, walking statues, and poetry readings. To finish it all off the ELL team shall be congregating at the New Cross Inn in New Cross for a specially laid-on party with a live band.

The events begin Sunday, 23 May 2010 at 12:30 and end Monday, 24 May 2010 at 01:00

Location: Dalston to Croydon to New Cross.

Train over bridge. Dalston to West Croydon. Photo: Transport for London

To mark the proper opening of the East London line, ELL reporters will be on the trains interviewing users of the transport link all the way from Dalston down to Croydon and will be published on this site. The message from East London Lines to our readers:

“Be there. Enjoy. Go home happy and fulfilled.”


12.30-2.30 pm Sunday 23rd May on the East London Line

Start 12.30 New Cross station, 10 minute performance

12.40 – board train to Croydon

13.00 – 10 min performance at Croydon

13.10 – board train

13.40 – performance at Dalston

14.00 – performance at Shoreditch High Street: An orchestral celebration of connectedness through underground voyage.

Details of new East London Line service

From today East London Line trains run from Dalston  to  New Cross (where one line terminates) or to New Cross Gate where the service continues either to  Crystal Palace (where one branch terminates) or onto West Croydon, the end of the line.

On Monday 24 May and thereafter Monday to Saturday, a full Metro-style service will run from 05:40 until approximately midnight with passengers benefiting from a full turn up and go service of 12 trains per hour through the core section – Dalston Junction to Surrey Quays.
On Sundays the service will start at approximately 07:00 but passengers should check at their local station for full timetable details or Transport for London information online.

Details on free tickets

Transport for London explain how first passengers can obtain free tickets:

“Free tickets will be issued at stations along the line on a first come first served basis. Each station will be given a finite number of the tickets based on the number of people who use it. Each station will be limited to one ticket per person; they will be non-transferable, valid for Sunday 23 May only and limited to the East London route on the London Overground network. Passengers interchanging from other networks need to complete their first journey by touching out with their Oystercard.”

East London line connects culture

Images of East London Line construction by John Sturrock

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