Veteran MP seeks powerful Tory post

Richard Ottaway Conservative MP for Croydon South giving his acceptance speech in 2010 General Election. Photo: Rebecca Lindsay

The veteran MP for Croydon South, Richard Ottaway, has announced his candidature for the chairmanship of the influential Conservative Party House of Commons ‘1922 Committee.’ The poll among Tory MPs will be held on May 26 in the wake of the success by Prime Minister David Cameron in bringing about reforms that increase his influence over what is seen as a powerful body in the Tory party.

Mr Ottaway is sponsored by Helen Grant, the party’s first black woman MP representing Maidstone and Weald, and seconded by Stephen Phillips the MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham.

Mr Ottaway said:

“I am proud to be sponsored by two outstanding new MPs from the new intake.This is a changed Parliament. They are part of that change.I am fighting to win but at the moment it is too close to call.”

Mr Ottaway is regarded as an enthusiastic David Cameron supporter while his rival in the election for the committee chair, Graham Brady, MP for Altrincham and Sale West, may represent the growing backbench disquiet over the Lib-Con coalition deal.

On the Conservativehome website, Mr Ottaway said:

“Both Parties now have to support some things that weren’t in their manifesto and drop some undertakings that were. Of course there is some disquiet, but the deal is done.”

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