Former Lewisham police officer jailed for organised crime

Lights on a Police car. Photo: leehaywood @ flickr

A former police constable from Lewisham has been jailed after being found guilty of involvement in an organised crime syndicate.

Hayley Cloud, 27, was sentenced to two years in prison at Southwark Crown Court for her role as part of a high-level car-ringing and drug-smuggling outfit.

Cloud’s offences included involvement in the theft of a number of luxury cars, including a Range Rover Sport and a Porsche Cayman, the court heard.

Abusing her position as a police officer, Cloud was paid by known criminals to access confidential databases in order to change the entries for stolen vehicles, rendering them untraceable.

In addition to colluding with her partner, a prison officer, to pass information to a convicted criminal, Cloud also organised the theft of a damaged £60,000 Lamborghini Gallardo from a police compound in Charlton by providing faxed authorisation for an accomplice to drive off in it.

She also gave stolen police radios to her criminal associates, allowing them to evade capture by the authorities.

After discovering records relating to checks Cloud had performed on individuals listed in their database during a raid, police became suspicious and placed a listening device in her home. They then overheard conversations about her criminal activities.

Sentencing Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC described Cloud’s actions as ‘highly damaging to the reputation of the police force.’

Cloud had committed ‘a grave and far-reaching breach of trust,’ he said.

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