Police warning after Croydon schoolgirl abduction attempts

Photo: Andrew Mason, One of the victims attempted to seek refuge at the near by Hayes Primary School

Police have warned parents in parts of Croydon to be on their guard following two attempted abductions of young girls.

Descriptions of the suspects have been released so local children and their parents can be on their guard.

The first incident, which occurred in Kenley on May 10, involved an 11-year-old girl who was grabbed by a man of Asian appearance.

The victim attempted to seek refuge at Hayes Primary School before managing to flee the scene.

The car used by the suspect was described by the victim as being white, dented, and filthy.

As the victim ran toward Cedars Road she identified the driver as a woman with hoop earrings.

After the victim managed to escape, the suspect continued to follow the girl until she hid in some trees.

According to the victim, the man was described to be “scruffy” and in his early 30s and had a “swirly red and yellow tattoo” on his lower back.

The second incident, occurring in South Norwood on May 20 at around 8am, involved 2 men in what is described as a similar looking vehicle.

A day earlier, the girl had been asked directions by a man and woman in the same car.

The victim, a 14-year-old girl, managed to run from the two men after the man, described as an Asian man in his 40s with facial scars, grabbed her arm. The passenger was described as an Asian man in his 20s with a scar on his left wrist.

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Thomas of Croydon CID said he suspected there may be a team of paedophiles working in the area.

He said: “What particularly concerns me is the girl in Kenley was pursued for about 20 minutes.”

Police are increasing patrols in the area and have reminded all local people to be on their guard.

Anyone with any information should contact Croydon Police on 0300 123 12 12.

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