Police step up night patrols to deter World Cup violence

PHOTO: Salimfadhley

Croydon is preparing to increase police presence on the streets during this year’s World Cup. Two teams of police, with more than 30 additional officers, will patrol the streets to prevent any disorder.

The increased police presence comes as a response to incidents that occurred in the South End area in 2004, when England was eliminated by France from the European Championships. Around 100 people took to the streets and vandalised local businesses.

The 2004 riots caused injuries to 18 police officers. Ten men were arrested and collectively jailed for 22 years. Inspector Alan Goodhall said: “We will not accept glassings or people being racially abused like in 2004.”

Officers will be manning CCTV cameras and running intelligence operations across Croydon as part of an operation which has been six months in the making.

The two teams will consist of five sergeants, two inspectors, and 33 constables along with 150 riot officers on hand to respond should any sort of disorder breaks out.

Another provision made to avoid violence this year is the elimination of glasses to serve drinks at local pubs and restaurants.

Inspector Goodhall said: “We have advised pubs and clubs showing the games to serve drinks in polycarbonate glasses to stop people getting glassed. We have also advised them to have door supervisors.”

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