Three convicted of attempt to set fire to man with lighter fluid

Joseph, Dedman and Bruff sentenced: Metropolitan Police

Joseph, Dedman and Bruff sentenced: Metropolitan Police

Three men in Tower Hamlets have today been convicted of  the attempted murder of  Rizwan Ahmed.

The attack occurred in November 2009 when Jermaine Joseph, 23, Shane Dedman, 21, and Kieren Bruff, 22, beat Ahmed before dousing him with lighter fluid and setting him alight.

Ahmed, Joseph and Dedman were acquainted and the defendants met Ahmed in the park before the attack. The three men beat Ahmed until he was unconscious and fled the scene. They soon returned with two stolen bottles of lighter fluid to douse the victim.

The investigating officer, Detective Inspector Luke Marks of Tower Hamlets CID said, “Mr Ahmed is a quiet, unassuming man who appears to have been targeted for no better reason than some extreme form of sadistic bullying.”

Despite being set alight and beaten by the three men, Ahmed managed to put the flames out himself. The police were called when members of the public saw Ahmed staggering along near Burdett Road.

Ahmed was taken to the Royal London Hospital then transferred to the Specialist Burns Unit at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford where he remained in critical condition. He has since left hospital having received numerous operations, but continues to undergo medical treatment.

DI Marks said: “Mr Ahmed is now trying to rebuild his life, however the physical and psychological injuries he sustained will remain with him forever.”

Joseph and Dedman were arrested in November 2009 and Bruff in February 2010.

The three men were convicted at the Old Bailey after a four week trial and will be sentenced in July.

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