A peek at the Goldsmiths new media building

Goldsmiths, new media building Photo: Emily Jupp

Goldsmiths College this week revealed its new state of the art media facilities, allowing East London Lines to look around the new building before the students move in later this month.

As ELL is run by the Goldsmiths MA students, we were keen to see what facilities the new cohort would get to use – and what last year’s group narrowly missed out on!

The long-awaited media building took three years to build and more than fifteen years of planning.

It cost £20.7 million in total, (£2,100 per sq. m.) The  facilities for the Department of Media and Communications, where students study courses in subjects like film, radio, broadcast and journalism, include editing suites, radio studios and a cafe serving food and drink.

In February of this year, the Government announced that university budgets would be cut by £449m, with the budget for buildings being slashed by 15%.

Departmental coordinator, Jim Rowland said: “We were lucky to get in under the wire.”

Angela Phillips, course convener for all the print journalism programmes and the journalism MA course said: “It’s absolutely wonderful, where we’ve been doing a lot of convergent journalism in the past, we’re now working in adjacent rooms, we think a lot of collaborations will happen just because the students will be working next door to each other.”

Linda France who runs the Professional and Community Education (PACE) integrated degree in media and communications, said: “When I first saw it my jaw dropped…I’m looking forward to the first and second weeks of term to see how the students make it into their building, I think there will be particular corners where they congregate.”

The new  building will be named and officially opened at an undisclosed date.

To see a slideshow of photos of the new building go here:


To see a time-lapse video of the building go here:


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