Pick’n’mix the rule for East London Line fashionistas

Bright colours pick ‘n’ mix: that’s what people are wearing along the East London Line.

Journeying on the East London Line, each station presents you with a completely different scene. Our first stop is New Cross, home of Goldsmiths college and launch pad of Young British Artists (YBA). The gear may look casual but every item is there to tell a story. You’ll find two preferred style: the retro-antique style, and the 80’s casual-punk revival style.

Students walk around the university wearing light pastel shades with a retro flavour: buttons, little scarves, squared heels, lace-up shoes and tight elegant skirts.

Others dare to wear a mix of bold colours: amethyst purple, apple green and yellow mustard leggings. They manage to transform anonymous clothing into popular fashion styles.

Next stop is Whitechapel market, where the Islamic fashion dominates the scene, blending traditional clothing with fashion. Women wear hijabs with  pale floral patterns, adorned with plain gold tiny beads. Each item of clothing looks neat and graceful, and there is a certain attention to detail –like hundreds of stylish golden bracelets or brightly coloured stone rings.

For non-Muslims: enormous grey jumpers, checked shirts, stripy blouses and lengthy, heavy coats. It is less about appearance and more about personal comfort, as if they’ve been lying about on the sofa all day updating their Facebook status.

Last stop: Dalston Junction. As soon as you step off the train, you spot the retro elegant Asian and Hawaiian fashion trends. Youngsters stroll by Broadway Market with English coats, matched with turquoise scarves and floral bags. Men wear brightly coloured different length socks, biker and denim jackets, and the newly adopted essential wardrobe items – a bow-tie and a funky hat.

Next, to the row of kebab shops – girls wear a dress they’ve either got from their grandma or found after hours of rummaging in a giant pile of old clothes in the local charity shop. In Dalston vintage clothing rules: it is affordable and fashionable.

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