Alex Sturrock: No Comfort, at the New Gallery

No Comfort Alex SturrockAlex Sturrock’s exhibition, NO COMFORT is a set a of TVs showing photos collected from amateur photographers living in particularly ‘uncomfortable’ places or parts of the world:  Kabul, Haiti and Gaza. Each TV shows pictures from one place and the photography is all taken on mobile phones. Interestingly, it’s in real time so the photos are updated live, showing each person’s life. You can see more of the pictures on the Vice site,

The exhibition is one of a series curated by Goldsmiths graduate, Guy Gormley (son of Anthony Gormley)  at the New Gallery, the latest gallery to open in  Peckham. It is  also a cafe-cum-bar, with a good chef and an excellent drinks selection so worth the extra bus ride  from New Cross.

Some of the Gaza photos look like holiday postcards, with the sun rising over the bay, and pictures from Toronto are taken by a homeless man; they are mostly dark self-portraits.

The idea is to present events using a personal narrative – a direct contrast to watching events on the news – the viewer is given the story of each individual photographer. Alex says: “The hope is that this participatory way of viewing allows people to feel closer to a story or person than if they saw the images through a typical media outlet.”

It’s worth dedicating a couple of hours of your night, or day, to the New Gallery, as the drinks and food are fab and the artwork makes a great talking point to the evening.

Alex Sturrock: NO COMFORT

Friday November 5th to Saturday November 6th, 11am-11pm

and Sunday November 7th, 10am -10pm

New Gallery, PelicanHouse, 95 Peckham Road, London, SE15 5PY

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