Balfron Tower set to strike a pose for major local art project

Balfron Tower Photo: Nico Hogg

Balfron Tower is to be the subject of a major art project this week, as artist Simon Terrill encourages its residents to show off their home.

The tower block in Poplar has previously been the dystopian backdrop for several high profile films and music videos, including ‘28 Days Later’ and Oasis’ 1995 hit ‘Morning Glory.’ This Thursday evening, Terrill will capture the 27-storey tower in a single photograph, as residents take to their balconies to join in.

Terrill has lived in Balfron for the past six months, which became a Grade II listed building in 1996. He hopes that resident involvement will form the focus of the work: “Lots of people have used this building as a site for various gritty backdrops. But this time the residents will be choosing how they want to represent themselves.”

The Australian artist has created similar works in his native Melbourne, and for Balfron, he will hoist himself onto a specially constructed scaffold, aiming to capture the building within a strict limit of ten frames. As the photo shoot will happen at night, lighting rigs have been organised to illuminate the tower, with the project also providing catering and a soundtrack to the evening.

From the project, Terrill hopes to produce a mural style photograph, which will then be exhibited at the Nunnery Gallery in Bow in early 2011. While most places in the photograph have been reserved for residents, there are a few opportunities available for anyone wishing to take part. For details, visit

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