Café opened in memory of Jimmy Mizen

The family of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen has opened a café on Hither Green Lane, Lewisham, in his memory.

The Café of Good Hope, which was opened yesterday at 2pm, is owned by the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, a charity established by Jimmy’s family to commemorate his life. The building that houses the café is also the foundation’s headquarters.

The father, Barry Mizen, 56, said: “We are giving a message of hope, rather than despair.” The foundation has so far been funded by his own job shoemaking along with some donations.

Mother Margaret Mizen, 58 said: “I walk past the bakery almost every day and at the moment it always fills me with dread”, but that the café will help her come to terms with his death.

All profits from the café will feed directly back into the work of the foundation, which helps young people in the local community through apprenticeships, work experience, and raises awareness.

The Café of Good Hope has opened a mile away from the actual café where Jimmy Mizen was killed, age 16. He bled to death after a glass tray thrown at him during a row severed an artery.

The café sells sandwiches, cakes and chocolates, many of which are made by Jimmy’s brother Billy, 30, a professional patisserie.

Jimmy was killed in 2008, not far from the family’s home, and his father said at the time that the family wanted to buy the premises and call it the “hope café”. Jake Farhi, 19, was jailed for life for his murder, having smashed the glass oven tray in Jimmy’s face severing his jugular vein.

The Foundation says: “Our principal aim is to help young people, up to the age of 24, play a positive role within their communities as independent and responsible individuals.”

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