Film maker admits restaurant fraud

Janis Nords left over £5000 in unpaid bills. Photo:

An aspiring film maker who admitted eating at many of London’s top restaurants, and then leaving without paying, will face sentencing tomorrow.

Janis Nords, 27, of Stoke Newington, was arrested on Monday night after being chased by waiters of L’Oranger, in the St James’ area of central London.

He appeared in the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court via a video link on Wednesday, where he admitted to pulling the stunt nine times. He will be sentenced tomorrow.

Several restaurants had complained to the police before he was arrested on Monday night after failing to pay for a meal worth £1,022, including multiple helpings of foie gras and vintage champagne at L’Oranger.

Other expensive bills he racked up were £965 at Michelin-starred Helene Darroze at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair and £572 at L’autre Pied in Marylebone  which included a £285 bottle of 1997 Bollinger.

Nords was dining with his girlfriend, who was also arrested by later released by police; she is said to have claimed she knew nothing of the scams. In all the cases the pair would order desert, but say they were going outside for cigarettes, either before the deserts arrived or while in the middle of eating them.

In one restaurant, the pair reportedly left a decoy in the cloakroom, an “expensive-looking parcel” in a bag, which duped the restaurant staff into believing that the bill would be paid. When opened, the parcel only contained an empty bottle of orange juice.

Nords, a Latvian amateur film-maker who has participated in a number of European film festivals, winning the “Best Debut Film” category at the Latvian National Film Festival for Amateurs, is currently studying at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire.

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