Hackney clamps down on illegal firework sales

by Ahisgett

Hackney Police and the Council Trading standards Team have been working together to expose traders and shops illegally selling fireworks to anyone aged under 18.

Checks on retailers have been carried out in the run-up to bonfire night using police cadet decoys to make test purchases.

Shopkeepers caught selling fireworks to under-age customers, or who do not have a special licence, face prosecution.

Young people found in possession of fireworks have been warned they can be fined £80, or jailed, if their actions cause harm or injury to others.

“Fireworks can cause serious accidents when in the wrong hands and the illegal sale of fireworks to young people is irresponsible, unacceptable and dangerous,” said Cllr Feryal Demirci, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods.

“This operation sends out a clear message that the council will not tolerate illegal sales and will take action against any shopkeepers willing to flout the law.”

Hackney’s fire chief has also warned residents holding fireworks parties in their backyard not to underestimate the dangers.

Commander Graham Howgate of Shoreditch fire station said,

“We encourage residents to attend properly organised displays, but where residents choose to organise their own, we urge them to buy fireworks from a legitimate, licensed outlet, follow all safety advice and instructions and never play with fireworks, or underestimate their potential to cause injury.”

Any information relating to the illegal sale of fireworks can be anonymously reported to Trading Standards on 020 8356 4929.

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