New Year’s Eve killer found guilty

Darren Deslandes was killed in the shooting Photo: From Facebook group 'RIP Darren Deslandes'

A man has been convicted at the Old Bailey for the shooting of two brothers, killing one and seriously wounding the other, in a Croydon pub earlier this year.

Saturday Hassan, 30, of Sydenham, shot  the two brothers after being ejected from a New Year’s Eve party at their family pub The Newton Arms, Thornton Heath.

Hassan was convicted by an Old Bailey jury of murder and attempted murder.

Darren Deslandes, 34, was killed by a bullet to the head whilst his 25 year-old brother Junior survived, despite having three bullets lodged in his skull.

He was cleared of the attempted murder of the brothers’ 58-year-father, Wintworth Deslandes.

Sentencing has not yet been delivered.

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