Tram evacuated as branch hits power lines

Tram Croydon

Photo: RachelH_ from Flickr

Croydon’s Tramlink system was severely disrupted this morning after part of a tree crashed into overhead power cables.

The Croydon bound tram was carrying 50 passengers on the New Addington branch of the network when a tree branch snapped off in front of the moving tram.

One traveller reported that the driver was forced to make an emergency stop to avoid smashing into it.

A TfL spokesperson said: “At approximately 7. 45am today a Croydon bound tram on the London Tramlink network was halted near Gravel Hill on the New Addington branch of the network. The vehicle was stopped due to a tree branch from an adjacent property falling across and damaging the overhead wires which power the system.

“The tram stopped as it is designed to do in such circumstances and approximately 50 passengers were led off the tram by the driver and along the track to the Gravel Hill tram stop. No one was injured in the incident and at no time were any of the passengers in any danger.”

“The New Addington service was suspended as a result of the incident and engineers are now on site.”

There are currently no indications as to when the service will re-open.

The accident follows a week in which strikes disabled much of the Tube network and National Rail services into London were disrupted after a lorry crashed off a bridge onto a train below.

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