Lewisham workshops prove laughter is the best medicine

Photo: Grooble @ Flickr

As 2011 rolls in, Lewisham residents are being offered the chance to “create the new you” by enrolling in laughter workshops and other adult education classes.

Community Education Lewisham has opened registration for evening and short courses, covering a wide range of topics from hospitality and childcare to mathematics and laughter workshops.

Councillor Chris Best, cabinet member for community services, said: “The New Year always signifies change and new directions. Adult education is an ideal way for people to start making those changes in their own lives.

“It’s a chance to grow as an individual and learn new skills. And it’s the perfect way to create the new you.”

Adult education classes provide the opportunity to develop new skills, facilitate a career change, learn a new language, or simply have fun.

Registration is now open for classes beginning 10 January. For more information, call 020 8314 2200 or visit www.cel.lewisham.gov.uk

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