Pressure mounts on Sally Hunt to speak out against police violence

The University and College Union is demanding that their General Secretary, Sally Hunt, makes a public condemnation of the levels of police violence witnessed at last Thursday’s student protest.

Members of the Goldsmiths UCU have added their signatures to a formal letter of complaint appealing for Ms Hunt to address “the outrageous violence” against students and tutors at the hands of the police.

The UCU is asking their General Secretary to “to condemn in the strongest possible terms the systematic police violence against staff and student protesters.”

Ms Hunt is also being asked to demand that those responsible for the “brutal attack” on Alfie Meadows be brought to justice.  Middlesex philosophy student Mr Meadows, 20, was struck on the head by a police baton and required emergency brain surgery last week.

In a statement last week the UCU condemned the violence of both the police and the protesters but defended the thousands of university and college students who have been vilified by the national press.

“UCU is committed to non-violence but no-one should be shocked at the rage that young people showed at the betrayal of election promises and at their protest against cuts in EMA benefits and the raising of tuition fees.”

The UCU claims to be speaking on behalf of the many students who “suffered unprovoked attacks at the hands of the police, whilst exercising their democratic right to protest.”

As well as adding their names to the open letter to Sally Hunt, members of the Goldsmiths UCU are being asked to submit eye-witness reports of police violence seen or experienced last Thursday.

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