Massive increase in frozen pipes as big freeze continues to grip south and east London

All Photography: Catalina May

Frozen pipe incidents have increased four-fold it was disclosed today as the big freeze continues across south and east London.

A spokesman for Thames Water issued this advice to consumers: “Key pointers for thawing frozen household pipes include using a hairdryer – not a blow torch – to gradually warm them up.

“Similarly, leave your loft hatch ajar to allow warm air from below to circulate in the attic so pipes don’t freeze.

“And if you’re planning to go away over the Christmas period, programme the central heating to come on at least once a day so the temperature inside stays above freezing.”

Tips for householders can be found at  here:

With the east London line being hit by a deluge of snow over the weekend and potentially more snow forecast for the next couple of days, the weather is on everybody’s mind.So we thought a gallery of some of the pretty scenes down the line would bring some festive cheer after more travel disruption.

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