Arcola reopens in impressive new building

Photo: Practice on Flickr

A much-loved theatre has welcomed in the new year by successfully completing a change of location.

The Arcola in Dalston opened the doors of its new home earlier this month, to the “great relief” of executive producer Ben Todd.

“It’s an amazing space, everyone’s really excited to be here,” he said.

The theatre had to move from its previous location of 10 years on Arcola Street and now resides in part of the Colourworks building, just opposite Dalston Junction station.

Following a fundraising drive, which was supported by high profile donors such as artist Antoney Gormley and fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, and an appeal for volunteers to help aid the move, Arcola reopened without a hitch.

Mr Todd said: “It was hard work because we didn’t have that much money so we’ve had to wing it, but the staff have been so patient.”

Arcola’s main theatre is now open, with a second soon to follow suit. Mr Todd said that public reaction had so far been very positive.

“People love the space, which is always a good thing,” he said.

Arcola now boasts new rehearsal rooms and offices, and will be continuing to work with the community that it serves.

Mr Todd said: “People should be able to walk in off the street and get involved.”

Arcola currently offers free tickets to under 26 year olds and runs a ‘pay what you can’ scheme on certain nights. It has also initiated its own writers’ group and youth music and theatre projects.

The theatre’s first play of the new year, The Painter, will run until February 12.

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