RMT strike cancelled on Docklands Light Railway

RMT Strike Photo By:Chris John Beckett on flikr

The planned strike on the Docklands Light Railway has been cancelled after a High Court injunction was granted on a technicality. Mr Justice Tugendhat declared that the ballot notices were illegal. RMT leader Bob Crow says the union’s fight will go on. 

The strike was called after a dispute with DLR operators Serco Docklands over a number of issues. RMT claims not to have been properly consulted about redundancies and the imposition of a new pension arrangement.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Regrettably the Court came down on the side of the employer and used the anti-trade union laws to grant the injunction, despite [the] union putting forward a rigorous defence including hiring a top QC.”

“It’s a shame management didn’t put as much effort into resolving this dispute as they did in running to the courts because the problems you are experiencing still have to be addressed. We will continue to fight to resolve the following issues,” he added.

The Union is also claiming two of its members, Julian Harper and Ian Peavot, have been victimised and unfairly dismissed.

Mr Crow said: “Management at Serco Docklands continue to show total disregard for the idea of proper negotiation and consultation with this trade union. Our members have shown through a massive vote for action that they will not be bullied and treated with contempt and we have no option but to move forward to strike dates this week.”

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