Cyclists get in gear to keep crime down

Photo: Kharied on Flickr

Over one thousand privately owned bicycles have been micro-chipped in an effort to reduce cycle crime.

Hackney council and the Metropolitan police have collaborated on a scheme to microchip bikes and register them on a database.

Several bike-chipping events have been hosted in the borough so that local cyclists can get protection and help attempt to keep bike crime down.

According to figures from Transport for London, approximately 5 per cent of all journeys that start in Hackney involve cycling, the highest level for any borough in London.

Over 1500 cycles were stolen in Hackney last year. A minimal number were eventually retrieved and returned to their original owner.

With the new micro-chipping system, police can recover stolen bicycles and find out exactly who they belong to.

Councillor Sophie Linden, Cabinet Member for Crime, Sustainability and Customer Services said: “This project has not only highlighted the issue of cycle theft but has given residents the knowledge and tools they need to improve their cycle security and protect themselves against this crime.”

PC Maz Lovegrove, who works in Hackney’s cycle crime squad, added: “Criminals should think twice about stealing a bike in Hackney; many are now fitted with micro-chips, which means police can verify ownership details whilst on routine patrol and reunite stolen bikes with their rightful owners.”

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