Croydon teenager stable after birthday shooting

Teenaged victim hopitalised but stable

One of the boys injured in a birthday party gun attack is now reported to be in a stable, but serious condition after sustaining injuries as ELL reported yesterday.

The second victim of the shooting was released from hospital yesterday after being treated for a gunshot wound to his leg, the Croydon Guardian reports.

Witnesses suggest that two masked gunmen arrived at a victim’s home in Armistice Gardens, Upper Norwood, where a birthday was being peacefully celebrated, and fired gun shots at party goers.

Residents of the area say that two gun shots were fired, followed by sounds of distress from partygoers. Police are carrying out investigations on two unknown males suspected who made their get away on a motorbike heading towards Penge Road.

Detectives from the Trident Unit are conducting investigations, but no arrest has been made at this early stage and the identities of the suspects are still unknown to the police.

Police are appealing to any witness who may have any information to assist them with their investigations.

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