Students support Egyptian demonstrators

Photo: Camille Luise Hemmestad

Egyptian students joined other Goldsmiths students on Tuesday to protest outside the embassy in support of the people’s revolt.

Around 200 protestors sang chants in Arabic and English calling on Mubarak to step down.

Yasmine, 19, is Egyptian and studies psychosocial Studies at Goldsmiths. She attended the protest with the Goldsmiths College contingent.

She said: “I am here today to support my sisters in Egypt. The fact that people from all over the world also demonstrates is really important as it means people in Egypt know they are not alone in this fight.”

Another Egyptian student, Kamer, 19, studies sociology and politics.

She said: “When I went to Egypt this summer I became really sad. They seemed to have a society where nothing was allowed. When I asked them why they didn’t try to do something to change it they said they wouldn’t be able to because of the current regime.”

She added: “I am here for myself and my parents, who cannot be here today, to support the revolt. I am so proud of the Egyptian people and I hope they know we are all standing behind them from the UK and elsewhere.”

Somaye, 30, from Iran, studies ethnomusicology and has been to two previous protests.

She said: “I want to show solidarity with the Egyptian people. I have friends there and I hope they are OK, but I am happy they can finally demonstrate.”

“Egypt is the powerhouse in the Middle East. It is brutal and I hope they [the protestors] succeed. I also hope these demonstrations will spread to Iran.”

Mehdi, from Iraq, studies anthropology and sociology and lives in New Cross. He missed classes to attend the protest.

He said: “We are making history here. When I am older I don’t want to tell my grandchildren that when all this was happening I sat in a seminar while others were protesting.”

The 22 year-old added: “It is nice to see so many non-Egyptians here. It really shows that we are standing behind them. It is so important.”

Between State and Revolution: a discussion for students interested in the Egyptian protests is being held at 5pm in room RHB 144

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