Protest against cuts at Barts and London [video]

Photo: Susana Garcia

Demonstrators gathered outside the Royal London Hospital on Friday to protest against the proposed NHS cuts and job losses.

Health workers, trades unionists and local residents assembled in Whitechapel in response to Barts and The London NHS Trust’s plan to cut 630 jobs, including 250 nursing jobs, over the next two years as it attempts to reach government efficiency savings.

Oliur Rahmanm, Tower Hamlets Councillor, addressed the crowd of protestors. “I have pledged to continue the demonstrations and I want to protect our frontline services,” he said.

“We will do everything we can within our borough to protect our colleges in the NHS and every other public services. We will join you in the TUC national demonstration on the 26th of March to say no to David Cameron cuts. And if we are united, we will stand, and if we are divided we will fall.”

Nurse Janeth Maden, 47, from Waltham Forest, said: “I want to show support to the first group of nurses and health workers who have had massive job losses announced.

“We want to try and to stop them, to show support and solidarity. The jobs that the nurses  do get harder so the patient care will suffer.”

Julian Hutter, 25, a second year student nurse of City University also present at the demonstration said: “I am due to qualify in 2012 and by that time Barts and London NHS are cutting 10% of nursing staff, specifically targeting junior nurses.

“It is quite frustrating that half way through my training it is now being announced that I’m less likely to get a job here.“

Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Hands Off Our Public Services (HOOPS) – an alliance of Tower Hamlets trade unionist, campaign groups and local people – are expecting one million people to protests on the streets of London defending the public services and the community on the 26th of March in central London.

video by Liliana Ciobanu

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