‘Swish’ your way into Spring eco-fashionista style

The Old Spitalfields market. Photo: Parker - Ward Limited / Tim Ward

Broke but in desperate need of a wardrobe makeover? Then pop down to Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday 5 February and get ‘swishing’!

Based on the simple premise that ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,’ the idea of ‘swishing’ is that people bring things they do not want and swap them for things they do. ‘Swishers’ bring along up to five items of clothing or accessories in exchange for tokens, which can then be used to ‘pay’ for other items.

Ellie Barnatt, events manager at the market, said: “In Britain, every year, we throw away more than 2 million tons of clothes and swishing will of course help to reduce this figure. I guess you could say that it’s recycling at its most glamorous.”

She said the event had been brought back by popular demand, adding: “Our previous events went down really well with over 300 people attending last year, so we’re absolutely delighted to be hosting it again.”

‘Swishing’, the eco-fashionista’s word for ‘swapping’, has become on trend for a raft of economic, environmental and ethical reasons. Green campaigners claim that if everyone in the UK bought one reclaimed woolen garment each year, it would save an average of 371 million gallons of water (the average UK reservoir holds about 300 million gallons) and 480 tons of chemical dyestuffs.

Mimi Liew, 32, a fan of this innovative shopping alternative, said: “What I love about swishing is that it is shopping but without the guilt of expensive shopping sprees. Why spend £100 on a coat when you can get it for free?”

Funds raised will be used to support upcoming community events at Spitalfields Market, including the Young Enterprise Market (February 11) and the Sports Demonstration Day (February 9), which will feature many of the GB athletes on their way to the 2012 Olympics.

The drop-in period starts at 11am and ends at midday. There is a browsing period of what will be on offer from 2 to 2:30pm, when tickets can be traded in for the chosen items. The event closes at 4pm.

Tickets cost £8.00 per person and are available from Ellie Barnatt at Old Spitalfields Market.


Tel: 0207 375 2963, www.oldspitalfieldsmarket.com

by Christina Adamidou and Ema Globyte

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