Teenage ‘hitman’ on trial for murder of woman

Footage of a teenage ‘hitman’ shooting a young Turkish mother was shown yesterday to a jury at the Old Bailey.

CCTV footage shows Gulistan Subasi, 26, being shot fatally in the chest when answering a knock on the door. Subasi was visiting her mother in Homerton to attend her son’s birthday, when the 16-year-old boy, allegedly sent by the father of her child, killed her.

According to the prosecution, Subasi’s ex-partner, Serdar Ozbek, 28, is alleged to have recruited the teenager to kill Subasi because he wanted to “keep his hands clean” and distance the murder from Tottenham’s Turkish Community.

Prosecutors said Ozbek was afraid Subasi would leave the country with their 9-year-old son. They said phone calls between both parents showed the child was the main catalyst for Ozbek’s murderous response,  since there was a “distinct possibility” she had already taken steps to take the boy back to her home country, where she was planning to get married.

Victor Temple QC said: “The prospect of losing custody, compounded by a loss of face, caused Serdar Ozbek to take an extreme but far from unknown course – namely to contract out the murder of Subasi”.

Ozbek and the 16-year-old are among seven men, including a 15-year-old, who are standing trial for murder and taking part in conspiracy to kill. They all deny the charges and Ozbek and the alleged gunman deny charges of murder.

The trial continues.

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