Can anybody find me… somewhere to go?

Exhibition launch party

If that’s the tune you’re singing then the answer is yes.

Longing for the rock and roll escapism of the past? Then head to Brick Lane and travel back to the ‘70s and ‘80s and experience the blissfully electrifying world of Queen.

“Stormtroopers in Stilettos: Queen, The Early Years” is a new exhibition at the Truman Brewery celebrating the legendary British rock band’s journey since 1971.

Situated in a 1,250 square foot warehouse in East London, the exhibition takes you on a memorable rock and roll experience, from the beginning of the band’s formation to their iconic and stupefying worldwide shows.

You can expect to see lots of personal memorabilia from the band members, such as Freddie Mercury’s hand drawings of Jimmy Hendrix, as well as the lead singer’s self-designed clothes.

Other items on display include costumes, such as satin capes, Mercury’s famous ballet pumps, Brian May’s Zandra Rhodes winged top and Roger Taylor’s original drum kit.

Fans will also have access to a 3D cinema space that shows previously unseen video footage of the band and a themed room, serving as a re-creation of the studio where Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded.

The exhibition was created by Island Records, Universal Music and Marmalade London, a design and production agency.

Sam Martin, production manager, said that the success of the exhibition has blown them away.

He said: “The staff and I have been blown away by the amount of people turning up. Just last Sunday we had more than 2,000 visitors, some even from Japan.”

There is also talk of taking the exhibition on world tour.

“We have been approached by German and Japanese organisers interested in bringing the exhibition to the fans abroad”, said Martin.

Local Queen fan Reg Gulle, 65, said: “I think the exhibition is sensational. The music world today is so sterile. It’s nice to feel like you’re going back to when music was decent and could be listened to.”

Marijan and Rinus Walstyn, possibly Queen’s biggest fans, boarded a plane from Holland to the UK specifically to see the exhibition.

“This place is amazing. It has a very personal feel. We knew the flight was worth it. We have been fans of Queen since 1974 and we will die Queen fans”, said Rinus.

Marjian said: “I am here to pay tribute to Freddie especially. He was special and different and you could feel it in his voice and his mystique.

“There is pain everyday in my heart because he is gone, but in a way he still lives on, through his music. This exhibition is a reminder to us all that he is still alive and he is forever here.”

‘Stormtroopers in Stilettos: Queen, The Early Years’ is at Old Truman Brewery on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane, London.

Entry is free and it is open from 11 am until 9pm. Ends March 12.

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