Construction progress for Deptford Lounge

Construction work at the new school building

Photo: Meabh Nig Uidhir

Construction is moving forward at The Deptford Lounge, pledged to be “a new living room for the city” by Lewisham Council.

Under plans approved in 2009 for Deptford Town Centre the lounge area is being built at the new Tidemill School site on Giffin Road

Upon completion the building will include an AccessPoint – a one stop shop giving the community access to council services, and spaces to hire out for events such as weddings and conferences. The building will also have a state of the art library with a children’s and youth library.

The creation of this new library is a welcome boost to the community which is facing the closure of five local libraries, four of which have already been put up for lease.

The closures have been an issue of contention for local residents, who last month occupied the nearby New Cross Library. The plans were finalised as part of the Council’s commitment to cut up to £88m over the next three years.

The construction, by Islington based architecture practice Pollard Thomas Edwards, has been entered into the World Architecture News (WAN) Awards 2011 Education Sector of unbuilt projects.

The WAN websites says the project is: “the result of a visionary concept to increase the space and resources available to new schools by sharing their facilities with the wider community and demonstrates how innovative thinking can make public spending go further in difficult times.”

The building will also house Resolution Studios, a high quality workspace for local businesses and an exhibition space for local artists.

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