Cuts to Croydon Council budget confirmed last night despite fierce Labour opposition

Conservative-led Croydon council has confirmed the proposal for £90m of cuts over the next 3 years.

Care services, building costs and back-office spending were amongst the cuts agreed at the meeting last night.

Council proposals confirmed include a freeze in council tax until next year and a £1 million budget for local groups and charities that help the elderly.

Croydon’s libraries have also been saved from the cuts after 20,000 members of the public protested the closure of six libraries in the area.

The libraries will remain open and receive funding until July when the council will review the system and look for alternative funding.

Though the libraries were saved, budgets for youth services and the arts have been cut by over £28000, causing concern for youth groups in the area.

Leader of the opposition Tony Newman of Croydon Labour Party said that Labour’s budget proposals would put “a lot of emphasis on protecting the young people of the borough.”

Labour’s alternative proposal plans also included scrapping Your Croydon – a local newspaper for community information and putting off plans to collect food waste to help save youth groups and voluntary organisations.

Tony Newman commented on the cuts saying: “We accept the council has had the biggest ever cut in its funding and has been put in a difficult position by the coalition but we don’t think shortcuts and panic is the way to run Croydon.”

The conservative council clapped when the budget was passed by 36 votes to 32.

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