Detectives hunt Hackney ‘flashing’ suspect

Photo: sarflondondunc on Flick

Detectives are looking for a man over claims that he has been indecently exposing himself in public.

The man, believed to be in his early 20s, has been labelled as the ‘serial flasher’ after he struck again in Hackney last month and is reported to have been stalking the Islington and Hackney border for more than four months.

The suspect was spotted committing a sexual act near Southgate Road twice in a week during last November.

He is also accused of committing a similar misconduct on January 3 about 100 yards away on the Sherborne Estate; however, a female resident approached him about his behaviour prompting him to leave the scene.

The most recent incident happened on February 19 at midnight. The suspect targeted a woman walking along Shepperton Road towards Southgate Road. He caught up with his victim and exposed himself indecently and disappeared towards New North Road.

Detective Constable Mark Cockerham from the Special Investigations Unit said: “Whilst this man has not had any contact with any of the victims, they have been left upset and disturbed these incidents.

“This man is offending within a small area and may be local. Police are keen to apprehend him as soon as possible and we would welcome any help from the community.”

Police are appealing to anyone with information of his whereabouts to contact them. It is not thought the suspect has harmed any of his targets.

The man has been described as wearing dark clothing, a baseball cap or ‘beanie’ hat and carrying a rucksack. The suspect is white; approximately 5’ 8” tall of medium build and may have a small beard.

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