Star’s rebel reporter to speak at Goldsmiths

Photo: MartinSFP on Flickr

Richard Peppiatt, the Daily Star reporter who resigned after accusing the paper of printing anti-Muslim propaganda, will take part in an ethical journalism debate at Goldsmiths College this month.

He will be part of a panel of six journalists and academics discussing the future of journalism and whether its ethics need stricter control than the whims of the market.Peppiatt resigned from the Daily Star in protest after he accused the newspaper of printing Anti-Muslim and false stories.

In a public letter to Richard Desmond – the billionaire owner of the Daily Star, the Express newspaper group and Channel 5 – Peppiatt said: “You own the Daily Star, and it’s your right to assign whatever news values to it you choose. On the awe-inspiring day millions took to the streets of Egypt to demand freedom, your paper splashed on ‘Jordan … the movie.’

“A snub to history? Certainly. An affront to journalism? Most definitely. Your undeniable right? Yes, sir.”

The Daily Star rejected Peppiatt’s allegations. In a statement it said: “Regarding the allegations over the paper’s coverage of Islam, he was only ever involved in a very minor way with such articles, and never voiced either privately or officially any disquiet over the tone of the coverage. For the record, the Daily Star editorial policy does not hold any negativity towards Islam.”

Campaigners have called on the chair of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) to investigate Peppiatt’s allegations. But last January, Desmond’s publishing group pulled out of the jurisdiction of the PCC and its commitment to adhere to its Code of Practice.

The debate  on March 31st is part of a series of debates on the future of media that is ongoing at the Media and Communications building at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Tickets are free but please contact the department of Media and Communications to reserve a seat.

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